Unfair PUG Teams

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Unfair PUG Teams

Post by Flicka Da Bean on 3/13/2016, 2:40 pm

Since we started doing viewer games we've learned a lot about how to balance teams to ensure the most fair competition considering our wide variety of skill levels. We started off with teams being chosen by public opinion and soon realized that that was a flawed system. We fixed this by picking teams old school gym class style with 2 captains alternating picks. This method seems to be working well, but there have still been people complaining about unbalanced teams. First of all, if you seriously think the teams are unfair after they're chosen; voice your concern BEFORE the game starts. Also keep in mind that during the pre game when All-Talk is enabled it can be really hard to hear if you try to say something when 10 people are talking at once, and we have Wikipedia... <3 Plus, there are people tabbing in and out or going afk who might miss what you have to say. The easiest way for you to voice your concern is to message either myself or Let's Rave. Another thing, don't be a sore loser. I understand CS:GO is a very competitive game and losing sucks! I hate it too and I'm not immune to being salty after a loss. But you have to remember that talking excessive shit in-game or in twitch chat reflects on Rave and the community as a whole to new viewers. Realize that rage quitting or giving up during a game is the most selfish thing you can do. You're taking away whatever contribution you could give to your team just because you decided that your butthurt is more important than your teammates having a fair shot at winning. Play each round like the score is 0-0 and take it one at a time. Focus on your game and what you can do to lead your team to a win instead of whining about something the other team is doing. Most importantly just have fun! I've gone back and watched every recording of the games at least once and a big thing that stands out to me is, for the most part, the team that's communicating and playing together comes out on top. This doesn't mean having 1 person telling people what to do, it means actually communicating and trying to come up with plans as a team and playing to each other's strengths and dissecting the other teams weaknesses. In a game like CS this can drastically overshadow individual skill. That being said if any of you have suggestions on how we could make our weekly pugs more fair without micromanaging who can and can't be on each other's team please speak up! Especially if any of you have suggestions on how we could possibly pick who gets to be captains in a more democratic way without adding more hassle and time to the process of picking teams. Thank you and GLHF!!

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